ATK is challenging to shape a better world with our professional services on "Soil, Water & Structure" of environmental friendly technologies, resulting to maximize customer's benefits.

ATK was born on December 1st of 2011 combining

ATK has had wide variety of technologies on engineering
and consultation in the following fields;

1) Geotechnical & Geological Issue
2) Soil & Groundwater Contamination
3) Seismic diagnosis and Reinforcement design
    for buildings

ATK has also accumulated the following knowledge and technologies for over decades;

1) Drilling of water well & hot spring, installing relevant facilities, such as piping or water pump etc.
2) Demolition works with highly cared monitoring of environment

Domestic market of construction is uncertain because of budget decrease of public works, capital investment and estate development these days.

Globalization spreading across the world and change of the domestic market give us an opportunity to try to new challenges for sustaining our society & environment in the world.

Under the above environment, ATK aims to pursue customer's satisfaction in terms of efficient use of their properties, environmental effect, energy saving and total cost reduction through providing total solution with our accumulated knowledge and technologies for building better society in the world.

ATK's corporate policy is "Contribute to create better life with reliable technologies". And ATK's values are determined to pursue the policy, as follows;


  • Pursuing Customer's Confident
  • Developing Superior Quality and Technologies
  • Compliance
  • Improving Employee's Satisfaction
  • Keep mind Company's Social Responsibility

ATK has learned a lot about "Soil, Water & Structure", and developed our capacity to solve customer's big challenges.

ATK will keep improving & strengthening core competents to provide the best answer to our all customers.

Company's Profile

Paid-in Capital US$ 4.5MILLION
Incorporated November 13th ,1962
Certificate Issued by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for Geotechnical &Land survey, Civil engineering Consultants, Measurement Certificate Business and Construction
Address/ TEL, E-mail Kitaueno2-8-7, taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 110-0014 +81-3-5246-4150
Branchs Hokakido, Tohoku, Chubu, Kansai, Chushikoku, Kyushu
Group Comnapy ACKG Ltd. "Parent Company" (JASDAQ Listed) Oriental Consultants Co.,Ltd., A-Tec Co.,Ltd., Chuou Sekkei Engineering Co. Ltd., Reserch & Solution